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The legendary ISI OneFab facility, housed at our San Antonio HQ, allows ISI technicians to build out the system in a controlled lab environment. All the relevant system’s components, such as control panels, field devices, and software are set up and configured by factory trained technicians. The ability to customize and integrate various systems with exacting detail gives the OneFab facility a configuration platform that is unique to ISI.


The OneFab production facility has undergone a recent facelift with added floor space, production upgrades and conveniences to better serve the needs of our clients. The new facility provides increased production floor space covering more than 6000 sq. ft., a 2000 sq. ft. shipping and receiving area, 4000 sq. ft. of secured and air-conditioned storage space and 4000 sq. ft. of expansion storage space.


This upgraded facility’s build area also boasts unique floor patterns and layouts. The first three build areas can accommodate projects with 30 to 40 equipment cabinets each (i.e. a project with a campus layout with multiple head-end configurations). The next few sections are identified by their “NASCAR” floor pattern to signify projects that need to be “fast tracked” or expedited to meet construction commitments. All team areas have been designed with sufficient space for full system setup, configurations and testing.


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