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ISI Security will determine the functions needed for the specific operations as required by the owner, architect, and your particular market standards, such as Jail Standards, ACA, NFPA, CFATS and MTSA. ISI Security will write specifications in accordance with the architect’s requirements and in accordance with products used.


ISI Security has a proven record in successfully delivering design/build projects. Our approach is based on implementing best-practice principles with proven processes. To perform at this level in the design/build marketplace year after year, we have developed a management plan that involves all levels of our staff and procurement activities with selected vendors. It begins with our estimating staff reviewing all documentation to understand the design guidelines, the system performance criteria, the operational concerns, and the security scope package.


The Operations Group will be in constant contact with the general contractor to develop schedules for both the submittal and construction phase of the project. Specific attention is given to the schedules in order to ensure that the lead times for the security components are properly included avoiding any delays in the project. The Operations Group coordinates the submittal schedules with the engineering department and the principal vendors to verify the submittals are completed correctly and submitted in a timely fashion supporting construction and procurement activities. Once the submittals are presented, the project team schedules a submittal review meeting so that all parties can examine and discuss the security systems and equipment confirming that the owners’ needs are being met. 


After the submittals are approved, there is a field turnover meeting between the Operations Group, Engineering Department and Project Superintendent. This meeting transmits all design, engineering and scheduling requirements to the field staff so that they are fully aware of all the issues before mobilization to the site. During construction, the Operations Group consistently manages the flow of materials and productivity of labor to keep the project progressing as scheduled. During the testing phase of the project, technicians and engineers from the home office, who designed and assembled the equipment, verify that it has been correctly installed and is working properly to meet project requirements.


Once testing is complete, our service department follows up with training for the facility maintenance staff and the operational personnel to ensure that they know how to properly operate and maintain the security equipment for the life of the facility. This has been our method of success and we are always ready to provide this to all our clients to ensure that the job gets done.


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