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 Video Surveillance

Visual awareness is a critical component of the plan to gain insight into operational efficiency and risk mitigation. Video surveillance systems, installed by ISI Security, help our clients address critical points within their facilities. What is the best application of video surveillance at your facility? Is it IP based megapixel fixed cameras, an Analog System, or would it be better to install IP based pan/tilt and zoom cameras?


Your ISI Security consultant will meet with you and discuss what the right solution is for your application. From petro-chemical clients who require explosion-proof industrial pan/tillt and zoom cameras to a detention center that requires vandal-proof fixed cameras at key points of entry, ISI has the solution to meet your video surveillance needs. Your ISI consultant and designers can also customize your viewing and recording options, and can provide off-site monitoring if required. 


ISI can also work directly with architects and other related trades to deliver video surveillance solutions that meet the specifications of your type of facility. The ability to provide true functional integration of video surveillance with access control, intrusion and fire alarm systems is a hallmark of ISI integration services.



Video Surveillance Benefits :


  • Real time awareness of both security and process
  • Reduction of inventory theft
  • Recorded documentation of events for forensic review
  • Ability to view remote locations in real time



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