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 Intrusion Detection

Knowing that your interior and exterior is free from unwanted intrusion is critical to providing security for any facility. What points of your building are so critical that they should be restricted and monitored at all times? Is it a server room, a remote back door to a warehouse, a key roof hatch or perimeter surrounding a key fence line?


Your ISI Security consultant will meet with you and discuss what the right solution is for your application. From detention clients who require extensive perimeter detection to a medical center that requires simple after-hours intrusion detection of office space, you can count on ISI to design, engineer, install and provide responsive services.


ISI can also work directly with architects and other related trades to deliver intrusion detection solutions that meet the specifications and codes associated with your type of facility. The ability to provide true functional integration of intrusion detection with access control, video and fire alarm systems is a hallmark of ISI integration services.


Off-site monitoring or integration into a local or centralized command and control center allows you to reduce nuisance alarms and truly be able to respond to critical security events in real time.



Intrusion Detection Benefits:


  • Monitoring of key points of entry and exit
  • Early detection of unauthorized persons in critical restricted areas
  • Remote facility monitoring of critical process and assets
  • The ability to integrate video motion detection for verified alarm response


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