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 Fire Detection

ISI is a leading installer of electronic fire detection and life safety systems for applications ranging from high rise new office buildings, to prison hospitals, and distribution centers. Typically, clients install these systems in order to meet building and occupancy codes. The design and engineering of these systems is a critical step in making sure that the solution to be installed will meet the local and national codes impacting your type of facility.


ISI employs NICET level IV engineers who are experts in life safety requirements and NFPA codes. This is a typical level of commitment that helps to define the core of ISI; proper design and engineering. Regardless of whether the fire and life safety requirements call for voice evacuation, complex visual mapping displays, or integrated campus wide interfacing, ISI has the experience to deliver real solutions.


Critical life safety solutions, in often difficult environments, allow our clients to trust that a professional organization stands behind the security and safety of their critical assets.



Benefits of Fire Detection and Life Safety Systems:


  • Timely, accurate, trusted inspections, fully documented in compliance with regulatory standards
  • Instant access to inspection reports through our alliance with Building Reports, the leader in innovative electronic inspection solutions
  • Online client access to authorize repairs, manage inventory and view inspections up to five years
  • Offsite UL listed fire monitoring





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