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 Detention Control Systems

ISI’s proven detention control solutions put everything right at your fingertips through interactive touchscreen technology. The suite of ISI control solutions is recognized as a leading control solution and is used by hundreds of facilities across North America.


Regardless of whether you require a design-build solution for a new ground up detention facility or if you are retro fitting an existing facility, ISI has a proven, affordable solution for your facility. Find out more about the ISI suite of detention control solutions by reviewing our products.


Detention Solution – OneTouch

OneTouch and Wonderware provide total security management, control, and reporting from a single touch-screen monitor, and is compatible with Jail Management Systems. Fewer personnel can control larger areas without compromising security or safety. Even the initial training period is expedited through intuitive on-screen help, reducing supervisor involvement.


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Detention Solution – InstaFind™

When timing is critical, InstaFind™ immediately provides officers with accurate location and visual data needed for rapid situation assessment, allowing for informed response decisions. When an alarm is triggered, an audio alarm sounds and a visual icon instantly highlights the area on the control monitor, pinpointing the exact incident location. Real time and instant video playback is possible using touchscreen control.


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Detention Product – ComView™

Consolidated engineering for camera and intercom provides both visual and audio communications in one cost effective package. Real time video with ComView™ provides officers with positive facial ID of any personnel initiating an intercom communication. At the control center, OneTouch control screens allow the overseeing officer to view the calling intercom location, make a positive ID, and assess questionable situations. ComView™’s 170 degree wide angle lens allows for better facial ID than typical mounting locations, and reduces the requirement for corner and ceiling mounted cameras.


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Detention Software and Product – MAXKey®

Hand-held MAXkey® makes multi-tasking and managing correctional facilities possible from outside the control room. Choose components to provide all or any combination of watchtour, door control, utility control, and communication management. Officers achieve increased safety, with maximum mobility and interactivity in direct supervision environments.


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Detention Software and Product – MAXtour®

The MAXtour® hand-held mobile device from ISI makes multi-tasking and managing correctional facility watchtours possible from outside the control room. Safely achieve maximum mobility and interactivity in direct supervision environments. Configuration is easy with menu driven software on an administrative computer, and MAXtour®’s touchscreen graphical menus provide intuitive operation. Custom tour schedules with notices keep officers on schedule.


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Detention Solution - Video Visitation

ISI Security offers a wide range of video visitation products. ISI’s video visitation products and solutions streamline the visitation process and increase security while decreasing costs. By eliminating the public from having direct contact with inmates, video visitation products increase security by reducing the movement of inmates and visitors throughout the facility thus decreasing disruption.


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Detention Solution – Nurse Call

Nurse call systems in high security environments such as detention and psychiatric facilities require the implementation of advanced measures to protect against vandalism and to provide accurate monitoring and reporting options.


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Detention Solution - OneFab, OneTrack, OneLink



The OneFab Development Suite contains three programs; the OneFab application; the OneMessage Client; and the OneFab Simulator. These tools allow the ISI engineering and fabrication staff to code, simulate, confirm and test each and every I/O point before the project leaves the factory. Learn more about our OneFab Facility.




The OneTrack Reporting Suite contains three different modules:


  1. The Logger is a background utility that receives information from the PLC and communicates with the Viewer and database.
  2. The real time Viewer allows the operator to view real time event history for both normal and alarm type conditions. Every transaction processed by the PLC and Touchscreens is recorded.
  3. The Reporter is a web-based utility which allows authorized users to generate and print pre-designed or completely customized reports from their computer.




Keeping current with advances in technology allows ISI to separate themselves from their competitors. Our new OneLink Van was developed to allow our clients to have immediate access to programming updates and software changes.


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