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Critical Security Systems for Government Facilities

Government facilities range from truly restricted facilities that are closer in design and function to detention facilities to those that are designed for daily, high-volume general public access. The design, installation and service of these types of facilities differ as widely as the shape, size and function of the facilities themselves. A single facility can be impacted by multiple agency rules and guidelines and, at the same time, be impacted by federal security standards.

  • access-control
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    1 Access Control

    From the most complex bio-centric access control systems to multi-technology badges

    In high-security locations, clients often ask for the installation of biometric access control readers. Readers such as hand geometry readers, retina readers, fingerprint devices and other complex solutions can be specified in the security design. The skill in installing and servicing these types of readers is critical. These types of readers are often interfaced on controllers that address the entire facility’s access control needs. At ISI, we have the practical experience needed to install and service these types of solutions and provide other valuable advice.

  • video-surveillance
    2 Video Surveillance

    From low-profile HD surveillance cameras “blended into” a decorative façade to visible parking lot cameras, ISI delivers cutting-edge video solutions

    Providing effective video surveillance at highly visible and highly decorative historical locations takes both time and experience. The ability to provide identification that quickly distinguishes risk from normal behavior and plan for appropriate reactions depends on the quality of the images shown through these surveillance tools. Additionally, the ability to cover large areas with proper video coverage, regardless of light or weather conditions, is absolutely imperative in a video surveillance system. Our ISI video surveillance experts are thoroughly experienced in these areas, as well as in using thermal imaging devices, IR spot beams, HD pan/tilt and zoom cameras and video analytics.

  • intrustion-detection
    3 Intrusion Detection

    From perimeter detection to interior supervision of historical artifacts, ISI delivers the solutions you need

    Unauthorized intrusion into sensitive areas of government facilities can cause delays and reactions that disrupt normal functions. The ability to pair intrusion signals with video and access information allows the security personnel on hand to quickly determine whether the alarm signals are merely nuisance alarms or an actual security breach. Our ISI designers and installers provide true integration services to government clients of all types.

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    4 Detention Grade Equipment

    ISI works with you to provide the right physical security equipment to meet and address all of the risks and threats that you face

    At critical security points, physical security matters. The physical construction of doors, walls and other access barriers often makes the difference between a truly secure area and one with numerous vulnerabilities. The ability to “bend metal” and deliver unique applications with extreme attention to historical architectural elements is important to ensure both the safety and quality of your security points. ISI has delivered customized physical security solutions for government facilities from courthouses to governors’ mansions.

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    5 Gate & Barrier Systems

    From simple parking controls to “pop up” barriers and high-risk environments, ISI can interface the right solutions

    A gate or physical high-security fence is often a key part of a security plan for government facilities. The merging of gates and fencing into these plans is one of the many specialties our ISI security experts possess. We can either work with you to upgrade your existing solutions or provide entirely new ones. Let our consultants work with you to unravel the maze of new and existing gear to determine what can be used and what needs to be replaced.

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    6 Fire Detection

    The upgrade of fire alarm systems in historical buildings is a demonstrated skill of ISI

    Changes in required fire safety standards can force an existing building to address new life safety codes. The difficulty in installing life safety systems in existing historic buildings makes it a task that must be completed by expert designers only. Our ISI fire design team includes NICET level four engineers and technicians with more than 20 years of field experience. When the job calls for this level of attention to detail, call ISI to design the solution that is right for you.

  • physical-security
    7 Physical Security Information Management

    Command centers can range from small, sleek, self-monitoring centers to large, sprawling multi-location command centers

    Bringing the right sensor data (including fire and video signals) back to a cleanly designed and highly functional command center has been a highly sought-after service of ISI for more than two decades. Whether you have a small command center interfaced into a welcome desk or a wall system that monitors scores of buildings and remote locations, we have the skills and experience needed to provide you with efficient, trusted security and information management solutions.

  • remote-monitoring
    8 Remote Off-Site Monitoring

    For monitoring critical events such as fires and hold-ups, ISI signals are a necessity

    Remote off-site monitoring can be combined with onsite command centers so that a facility is covered 24/7, either with local staff or with remote central station staff. The ability to work and customize a central station solution is extremely important. ISI ensures that our clients’ facilities are monitored on a continuous basis with these solutions.

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