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Critical Security Systems for Financial Institutions

Facilities that handle cash and detailed private financial account information are under numerous and complex regulations, and much attention has been paid to the digital storage issues associated with data breaches and loss of confidential information. However, security often begins in the physical security design of key facilities.  In addition to cyber threats, these facilities are also targets of brute force attacks in which both the employees and the public are at risk. Simply put, these types of facilities face issues truly unique when compared to non-financial institutions.


ISI has the experience in both electronic security and physical security so that your facility—whether it’s a small local bank or a large multi-building credit card processor—is prepared to face an increasingly hostile environment.

  • access-control
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    1 Access Control

    From high-gate, full-height security turnstiles to single-door proximity solutions, ISI designs the right solution for you

    Access control at financial facilities varies depending on the environment and the application. The increased use of controlled full-height turnstiles that allow for single-person access in a highly restricted manner is growing more common in high-risk urban settings. Multiple technology access control readers that combine the best in biometrics with proximity badge solutions are also more common in the control of movement into secure money storage or IT server IDFs or MDFs.

  • video-surveillance
    2 Video Surveillance

    With video solutions that deliver under difficult lighting and heavily trafficked areas, ISI provides the best in quality

    Financial institutions rely on video solutions to record high-quality digital video at a facility’s main points of entry and exit, including both the building itself and parking areas. The ability to quickly and efficiently retrieve facial images and license plates, and then quickly assess the security of major points of entry and exit, are extremely important to safe operations at these types of facilities. More detailed recordings of count rooms, server rooms and other key areas of highly sensitive material allow for the responsive investigation of irregular activities.

  • intrusion-detection
    3 Intrusion Detection

    Detection and integrated verification reduces false alarms

    ISI has a wide range of experience in financial institution security, including banks, credit card processing facilities and buildings that handle precious metals. When designing and installing the proper placement of hold-up buttons, floor switches or other complex signaling systems within a financial institution, real work experience matters. The use of these devices is uncommon, but when they need to work, failure is not an option. ISI has installed hundreds of duress solutions for its critical security clients.


    When the day is done and the building needs to be truly secured, ISI designs, installs and monitors world-class intrusion solutions that protect your assets and provide a digital net of devices that communicate with our UL-listed central station. Combined with the latest in backup communication devices, your signal is more secure and your facility better protected.

  • detention-grade-equipment
    4 Detention Grade Equipment

    With measures like bullet-resistant glass, walls and true metal doors, ISI provides real physical security

    At certain key points of a facility, physical security is a key tool for protecting employees, customers and assets. ISI’s experience in installing physical security barriers—whether it’s bullet-resistant glass, metal walls or other physical barriers—is a real value we bring to our clients every day. With thousands of hardened physical security points installed over the past two decades, ISI installers have the skills and experience you can trust. 

  • fire-detection
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    5 Fire Detection Solutions

    NFPA code-compliant solutions from offices and branch locations

    The installation of smart fire alarm systems that allow clients to pinpoint the exact location of a signaling device is one more solution ISI offers. We provide smoke detectors that tell you when they require cleaning, pull stations that give you their exact location and intelligent loops that may contain a mix of devices. The interface into fire suppression systems or the tie-in of fire risers are all an intelligent point address away from becoming part of your fire alarm and life safety solution.

  • physical-security-information-management
    6 Physical Security Information Management

    The ability to review and access threats in a near real-time environment

    In large, campus-wide environments, security information flows to key points, where security administrators analyze the threat and devise a proper and measured response. Increasing amounts of digital video must be reviewed and access control changes and oversight must happen in almost real time.

  • remote-monitoring
    7 Off-site Monitoring

    Live monitoring of not only alarm signals, but also video and access control data

    At certain times, organizations need to rely on off-site monitoring provided by a third party. ISI is a trusted provider of key offsite monitoring services such as intrusion detection, fire alarms, video and access control database management. The latest in technology, from video motion detection and verification to two-way audio, allows the ISI design team to implement the right solution for your facility.

  • maintenance
    8 Maintenance

    Experienced technicians and responsive service

    Financial facilities require responsive service—their customers demand it from them, and they demand it from their service providers. ISI is proud to be the trusted service provider to scores of high-traffic financial firms across our service area.

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