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Critical Security Systems for Distribution Facilities

Distribution facilities must comply with a wide range of regulations depending on their location and the types of products manufactured and/or stored at the facility. For example, a rice plant located inside of a port may need to comply with both food safety and maritime regulations concurrently. This is independent to the requirements set forth by the internal policies of the companies or the systems that commercial insurance underwriters mandate.

  • access-control
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    1 Access Control

    From access control controlled turnstiles to long-range readers at gates and other key points of entry

    Access control in a distribution facility may be used not only to control the perimeter and major points of vehicle entry and exit, but also to control access to areas that contain high-value products. In facilities storing chemicals or high-tech components, controlling and documenting movement within the interior can be both a regulatory issue and a key aspect of a comprehensive loss prevention plan.

  • video-surveillance
    2 Video Surveillance

    Comprehensive video surveillance, from the parking lot to interior points of production and storage

    Video surveillance in large facilities that have challenging lighting levels, high dust or large numbers of shipping and receiving points can create unique challenges for the CCTV designer. Experience matters in this environment. The correct placement of the right type of camera, the proper type of housing and the appropriate interface into the digital recording systems make a huge difference when it comes to the video system’s usability.

  • intrustion-detection
    3 Intrusion Detection

    Large distribution facilities have unique challenges in identifying the exact location of an intrusion—trust the design experience of ISI

    The installation of commercial-grade intrusion systems begins in the security consultant’s initial site survey and design. The right types of overhead door switches, the proper deployment of motion detectors and the use of video motion or other types of exterior detection systems comes from more than 20 years of getting it right. ISI does not depend on a single type of product when designing a solution for clients. We have access to the best products and systems in the industry, and we design based on your needs first.

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    4 Detention Grade Equipment

    High-value or material risk products require physical security in addition to electronic security

    Certain items in a distribution facility require physical security, including many chemicals, controlled substances, firearms and high-value, easily resold electronics. This calls for the creation of true product cages, physical barriers such as metal walls or the complete encasement of large high-value, high-risk areas such as precious metal, alcohol, or tobacco product storage areas. Electronic security devices, in these applications, play more of a sensory and secondary role than the actual physical and mechanical solutions ISI installs.

  • gate-systems
    5 Gate Systems

    Systems that meet the requirements of daily use areas, including those used by large trucks and high volumes of employees

    Gate systems at distribution facilities may range from simple parking barrier gates and employee parking to heavy, high-security hydraulic gates at key trucking entry and exit points. The ability to control and document access at these key points of entry and exit is typically interfaced with access control systems and video surveillance that monitor license plates and employee movement at all times.

  • fire-detection
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    6 Fire Detection Solutions

    Specialized detection devices for large warehouses and the interface into sprinkler systems and other deluge systems

    The early detection of smoke in a large distribution facility presents unique design challenges. The balance between early detection and false alarm reduction is a skill developed over many years of fire alarm design, installation and service. In addition, you need the ability to communicate the detection of fire in a large warehouse facility, which may also include offices and loud production areas. Your ISI fire and life safety design team is comprised of some of the industry’s most experienced designers and engineers. Speak with your ISI consultant to learn more about our exceptional team.

  • physical-security
    7 Physical Security Information Management

    Facility overview from a single command and control center

    Distribution facilities might occupy hundreds of thousands of square feet. They are often spread over multiple acres or buildings and include water-based ports as well as train and truck loading and unloading areas. It is virtually impossible for a manager to see key areas in the facility without the use of electronic security products such as video surveillance systems. ISI solutions allow you to not only centralize security, but to also “see” the production and movement of product throughout your facility with the right sensors and video images.

  • remote-monitoring
    8 Remote / Off-Site Monitoring

    When the facility is closed for the night, the ability to rely on a UL-listed 24/7 central station matters

    Form the monitoring of intrusion detection systems to video verification of areas prone to false alarms, ISI provides the right mix of modern intrusion detection monitoring. You need the ability to manage access control systems via the cloud with interface into live, trained people-based UL listed monitoring when it is required. ISI offers the right monitoring solution for your facility.

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