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Critical Security Solutions for Detention Facilities

In detention facilities, constant vigilance is required. Doors must lock, the watchful eye of security must remain on, and control rooms must be secured. ISI has delivered critical security solutions to more than 2,000 detention facilities, which is more than any provider in the detention grade equipment industry. Over the course of the past 20 years, no other company has consistently delivered the level of excellence in the detention market that has become the standard for ISI Security. Our design assist staff work with you to determine what is the best design for your facility, regardless of whether you are building a new facility from the ground up or retrofitting an existing facility.


ISI works with owners, architects, engineers and contractors to assist in the design and development of plans and specifications. ISI provides detention hardware products, scheduling and on-site management, and also offers BIMM design-build and design assistance for any facility size or security level. In addition, we analyze the hardware and materials required on a project-by-project basis.


Our product expertise and long-term relations with all of the major industry manufacturers provides our clients with access to the most durable, up-to-date detention products available at the most cost-effective prices.

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    Access Control icon 100 NEW
    1 Access Control

    When access control really matters, turn to ISI

    Door control is the most critical security issue that a detention facility faces. The right access control products, software and integration is an area in which ISI stands unmatched. From ISI-provided controllers and locking systems to physical detention grade doors and hardware, no detention equipment installer can provide more extensive set up references.

  • Detention-Facility-Video-Surveillance
    2 Video Surveillance

    The right camera and the right view – experienced design counts

    The ability to see who is approaching a door and if the visual verification matches what is expected is a unique design issue in detention facilities. The ISI-manufactured ComView™ provides a true 360-degree view of door traffic. The latest state-of-the-art cameras (from interior, exterior, harsh environment and complete digital IP environments) are areas in which ISI excels. ISI also delivers centralized, networked, campus-wide digital recording platforms and command centers.

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    3 Perimeter & Interior Intrusion Detection

    Detection and integrated verification reduces false alarms

    Detention facilities must rely on intrusion detection to identify non-authorized movement. It is critical that the technology is reliable, sensitive and does not create undue false alarms. Experience in designing and installing the right technology, including fiber optic fence detection, buried cable sensors, microwave, passive infrared non-lethal fence or a combination of detection systems, is extremely important. The integration of the latest in video motion detection and visual verification makes real-world experience and user feedback key to designing and installing the right solution.

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    4 Detention Grade Equipment

    Physical security hardware and detention-grade furniture

    We provide the highest grade detention equipment available, made of metal bent and wielded together in durable designs. These time-tested designs, along with our proven manufacturing methods and decades of installation experience, make ISI truly unique. We understand that all facilities are unique as well – one door design does not fit all locations or applications. Stainless steel furniture must fit exactly into different-sized cells and risk levels. The ability to modify without sacrificing quality and security is what having a vertically integrated provider like ISI gives to you.

  • Gate-Systems
    5 Gate and Fencing Systems

    Entry and exit controls with integrated fencing solutions

    The control of gates and the integration into exterior fencing and physical barriers are critical first line security measures in any detention facility. The ability to manufacture, control, integrate and interface with our own and with products manufactured by others is a unique skill of our design, engineering, and installation departments.  With real world experience earned over two thousand installations, detention clients know they can trust ISI.

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    6 Fire Detection

    Facility wide fire detection

    Fire detection and signaling offers unique challenges in detention environments. Simply evacuating the building is obviously not an option. Detection devices, such as smoke and heat detectors must be installed with the risk of vandalism being a constant issue. Proper signaling and voice evacuation so that staff and inmates can respond safely is only earned from experience.

  • physical-security
    7 Physical Security Information Management

    Integrated command and dispatch centers

    The ability to interface a complex series of controls, sensors, visual images and telecommunications is an evolving target for our clients. New systems come online regularly, old systems are retrofitted, new sources of intelligence and changes to procedures must also be interfaced into control centers. Main control centers, sub centers, and backup control centers are also key to ISI’s experience in delivering state-of-the-art command and control centers.

  • maintenance
    8 Maintenance

    Experienced technicians and responsive service

    When onsite staff face repair issues that go beyond the ability to self-perform, ISI service staff are ready to respond. ISI maintains the ability to respond quickly to locations across North America by remote diagnostics, updates and solutions. Spare parts are stored at either the clients locations or at our state of the art facilities. When we are required onsite, ISI is just a call away. Our clients know that they can count on ISI when it matters most.

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