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Critical Security Systems for Defense Facilities

Defense facilities are affected by a host of regulatory issues related to the production of munitions and the secrets associated with the design and use of these systems. Codes enforced by various sectors of government and those derived from internal policies and insurance underwriting make design, engineering and installation a complex and evolving issue. Often times, these critical security systems not only secure and monitor local facilities, but they also report back to corporate-wide platforms that control facilities worldwide.


These facilities have to be ready not only for possible hostile actions by our nation’s enemies, but also regular and unplanned regulatory reviews that are commonplace. The critical security systems must be functioning at all times and any down time of those systems must be addressed immediately. ISI has the experience that clients can count on, which is why you can turn to ISI for all your critical security needs.

  • access-control
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    1 Access Control

    When you must have multiple forms of identification to secure areas, ISI delivers

    Access control in a defense facility is typically designed in a layered approach. While the exterior access may seem intensive, the interior may progress to even more stringent forms of access control. Multiple forms of identification and the use of biometric devices and “man traps” mean that proven experience matters. ISI has been installing real solutions at truly critical access control points for more than 20 years.

  • video-surveillance
    2 Video Surveillance

    Thermal imaging and vandal-resistant video solutions; video solutions that matter

    Video surveillance at a defense facility fundamentally focuses on three key areas. Many of these types of facilities are located in areas that allow for significant property to encase the facility. The ability to see the intruder from a distance provides the facility with time to respond. Cameras must be able to deal with long distances, fog, snow, rain and very low light levels. The right camera, lens, housing, light source and position can make a difference in both usability and cost. The experience of our ISI designers makes the selection process easier. The real-world experience of installing these types of cameras and the functional service history of various systems makes for a much more complete picture when making product selections.

  • intrustion-detection
    3 Intrusion Detection

    High-security locations with multiple detection technologies

    For defense facilities that are regulated by various federal agencies, the ability to demonstrate true security in rooms that hold highly classified materials is a must. The installation of interior intrusion systems that meet rigid standards for “two-step rules” or anti-tampering requirements are part of typical critical security applications defined by UL and other governing bodies. Often times, the signaling devices (such as door contacts, motion detectors, glass break sensors or fiber interlaced in walls) report back via access control systems or other off-site reporting destinations. The installation of a complex, multi-technology layered approach to perimeter intrusion detection is standard at defense facility locations. ISI has the experience that you can trust in the installation of perimeter intrusion detection systems.

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    4 Detention Grade Equipment

    Physical Security through metal doors and detention-grade locking devices

    Security at high-risk entry or exit points is only as good as the door and frame that prevent unauthorized access. Typically, clients have had to turn to two separate contractors – one for physical security and another for electronic security. Problems with the door, the closure, the lock, etc. often produce conflict and an unclear line of responsibility for the client. With ISI as your critical security provider, you have one source at the door. We are able to install a complete access control solution, from physical security to electronic locks and controls. Our clients have only one company they need to call to service the door and security system – ISI security.

  • gate-systems
    5 Gate & Barrier Systems

    Traffic control checkpoints and vehicle barriers

    Defense facilities typically utilize multiple forms of gate and barrier systems. They operate in a variety of different situations, from tight urban environments in which their presence is intended to be low-profile to large-campus environments that highlight the company’s brand and presence. The use of various gate control systems can include extensive traffic control check points and large vehicle “pop-up” barriers or truck wedges that attempt to stop vehicles from being used as weapons.

  • duress-notification
    6 Duress and Notification

    Facility-wide notification of emergency conditions

    If an attack occurs, either related to workplace violence or terrorism, communication to employees, visitors and contractors is critical. The ability to communicate in a highly effective and informative manner saves lives. Interfacing into multiple telecommunication systems, such as IP phones, intercoms and digital smartphones is a key deliverable of modern duress and notification systems.

  • fire-detection
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    7 Fire Detection Solutions

    Multiple detection and signaling devices for industrial environments

    Early fire detection in an environment where munitions are produced is critical to minimizing the impact to the facility and for properly notifying the workforce to seek shelter. Large industrial manufacturing facilities require unique detection sensors, such as beam smoke detectors or high-temperature heat detectors. The ability to coalesce multiple sensors and deluge systems into a distributed fire command and control system is a core skill of our ISI professionals.

  • physical-security-information-management
    8 Physical Security Information Management

    Command and control integrated with custom data feeds

    Large-scale industrial complexes, such as those typically found in large defense facilities, require command and control centers that can synthesize not only traditional video, access and life safety data, but can also fuse other intelligence data into viewing stations and overhead displays.

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