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Security Solutions for a Range of Facilities

  • Critical Security Solutions for Detention Facilities

    In detention facilities, constant vigilance is required. Doors must lock, the watchful eye of security must remain on, and control rooms must be secured. ISI has delivered critical security solutions to more than 2,000 detention facilities, which is more than any provider in the detention grade equipment industry. Over the course o...

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  • Critical Security Systems for Defense Facilities

    Defense facilities are affected by a host of regulatory issues related to the production of munitions and the secrets associated with the design and use of these systems. Codes enforced by various sectors of government and those derived from internal policies and insurance underwriting make design, engineering and installation a complex...

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  • Critical Security Systems for Distribution Facilities

    Distribution facilities must comply with a wide range of regulations depending on their location and the types of products manufactured and/or stored at the facility. For example, a rice plant located inside of a port may need to comply with both food safety and maritime regulations concurrently. This is independent to the requirem...

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  • Critical Security Systems for Chemical Facilities

    Chemical security changed in a material manner in the post-9/11 world. The development of the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards ("CFATS") created a regulatory framework that impacted thousands of chemical manufacturers, storage facilities and others who deal in chemicals that were deemed relevant to the new regulations. After ...

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  • Critical Security Systems for Financial Institutions

    Facilities that handle cash and detailed private financial account information are under numerous and complex regulations, and much attention has been paid to the digital storage issues associated with data breaches and loss of confidential information. However, security often begins in the physical security design of key facilities...

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  • Critical Security Systems for Government Facilities

    Government facilities range from truly restricted facilities that are closer in design and function to detention facilities to those that are designed for daily, high-volume general public access. The design, installation and service of these types of facilities differ as widely as the shape, size and function of the facilities thems...

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  • Critical Security Systems for Medical Facilities

    Medical facilities are at the crux of a complex intersection for facilities that deal with large volumes of traffic while having to address the most private of human issues: medical information. In addition to these issues that are often difficult to address, the facilities also have to be prepared to handle a range of emotions and conf...

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