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The ISI Detention team has furnished and installed detention equipment for more than 2,000 correctional facilities. The expertise of the individuals within the ISI team and the excellent vendor relations with all the major manufacturers allow clients to have access to the most durable products available in today’s marketplace at the most economical prices.


ISI Detention partners with architects, engineers, and contractors to assist in the design and development of plans and specifications with clients’ goals in mind. They provide budget figures and technical assistance during the initial design of the facility at no additional cost to the client. Also, ISI explores the different types of materials that may be required, allowing for different budget levels and expenditures. This is of significant benefit to ISI Detention’s clients.


The ISI Detention team provides an array of comprehensive solutions to the correctional marketplace, including an extended warranty program to insure all installed components are fully integrated and operate correctly. It has the industry-leading experience to determine the type of equipment that is needed for any correctional facility, from the very minimum to the absolute maximum security levels.


ISI Detention has a complete line of commercial architectural division 08 doors, frames and hardware products. It also provides door and hardware installation to give the client a total package.


ISI Detention furnishes and installs a wide variety of security equipment for the global correctional industry such as:


  • Security and Non-Security Hollow Metal Doors & Frames
  • Wood Doors
  • Security and Non- Security Hardware
  • Detention Furniture
  • Detention Furnishings and Accessories
  • Security and Non-Security
  • Glass and Glazing
  • Security Mesh
  • Security Windows
  • Hollow Metal Steel Wall
  • Panel Systems
  • Security Ceilings


As a commitment to client satisfaction, ISI Detention is part of the National Service Call Center (NSCC) to provide 24-hour support for its clients. The NSCC is a call center service that provides ISI Detention’s clients with access to its experienced technical and solutions specialists at any time.





MCS was formed in 1988 and specializes in industry-leading electronics installations for county, city, state and federal correctional facilities.


MCS is built on a foundation of strong technical leadership, as well as its solid management, training, and support teams. With exclusive products and extensive experience in planning, installing, and maintaining service and facility programs, MCS has a distinct advantage in developing unique solutions for its loyal client base.


MCS offers cutting edge engineering, programming, and production capabilities with over 8,000 square feet of fabrication floor space. MCS is a UL508A certified fabricator, UL file number NITW E252397. MCS control assemblies are fabricated utilizing non-proprietary UL Listed and UL Recognized components. MCS also has a dedicated Research and Development Department that continually strives to improve existing product lines as well as develop innovative products and features for its clients.


MCS is a multi-faceted company responsible for supplying and installing a wide range of detention product lines. MCS designs, supplies, installs and offers architectural assistance for security electronics and low voltage systems including:


  • Touch Screens and Hard Panels
  • Wireless PDA’s and Tablets
  • Door and Utility Control
  • Intercom and Paging
  • Access Control
  • Watch-Tour
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Mandown Duress
  • Perimeter Security
  • Nurse Call
  • Video Visitation
  • Digital Video Recording
  • Video Arraignment
  • Data Logging


To complement these services, MCS uses mobile OneLink satellite vans that allow it to establish on-site connections with the project system programmers anywhere in the United States. This innovation results in quicker installations, modifications and additions to the facility systems. With more than 900 installations nationwide, MCS is a leader in the security market with security licensing in over 18 states.


MCS is committed to complete client satisfaction. MCS is part of the National Service Call Center (NSCC) which provides technical assistance, service calls and annual service contracts for all clients’ security needs.  The NSCC is dedicated to providing on-call 24 hour assistance in order to ensure client satisfaction and reliable support at any time.





Com-Tec is an industry leader in the custom design and manufacturing of electronic security and communication systems. Our primary markets include correctional facilities, city and county jails, and industrial facilities. Com-Tec’s integrated systems combine a wide range of functions into a single easily operated control console. Every function of the system is carefully engineered to operate smoothly and efficiently together. Com-Tec’s systems include remote diagnostics to aid in trouble shooting which dramatically reduces maintenance labor.


We design our systems with future updating and expansion in mind, knowing that the needs and requirements of our clients grow and change over time. Com-Tec offers a complete package of services and products from the initial stages of specification development to preventative maintenance contracts during and after the sale.


Client support is provided by our qualified technicians through in-house or on-site technical assistance, service calls and annual service contracts. Experienced technical specialists and engineers are ready to help clients through any and all issues they might face.





PDI manufactures steel and stainless steel detention products that include high security metal barriers, high security observation window systems, detention furniture, and accessories. For thirty years, architects have chosen to specify PDI steel detention products for our expertise and consistency, as well as value and quality. PDI has earned their confidence in a wide variety of projects across the country by providing:


  • In-house drafting and design
  • Complete product line
  • Responsive pre-sale and post-sale support teams
  • Comprehensive coast-to-coast coverage


PDI fully supports client satisfaction through the functionality, reliability and quality of each and every product we manufacture. Our in-house detailers and skilled support staff provide the design expertise needed to ensure total compliance, regardless of a project’s size or scope.


Our manufacturing facility located in Orange, CA contains state-of-the-art equipment in a highly automated environment, providing us with the ability to cost effectively produce both standard, or products to clients’ precise specifications of exceptional quality.







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