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ISI Security is the leading provider of physical and electronic security solutions. Operated by a respected team of professionals and a seasoned management group with a winning track record, ISI Security provides its clients with world-class results and exceptional service.


Formed in 1990, ISI is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas and has offices throughout the United States. ISI Security and its subsidiaries have built an organization considered to be a forerunner of the security industry, whose innovative and revolutionary practices have resulted in a fully integrated line of products and services that provide unsurpassed solutions for detention, commercial and government jobs.


ISI Security values the importance of being client-focused, responsible and proactive.



ISI Security and its subsidiaries comprise the following:




The ISI Security strategy focuses on offering a wide-range of services with the most relevant products and technology including:



ISI Security‚Ķa client’s ideal choice.



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